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Concealment Shrouds for Small Cell & DAS

Concealment Shrouds for Small Cell & DAS

Concealment Shrouds for Wireless Radio Networks

Charles Industries’ radio concealment shrouds offer aesthetically-pleasing concealment of radios and remote equipment at small cell, densification, and DAS remote sites. With municipalities increasingly passing ordinances for the concealment of remote equipment deployments, our attractive and functional concealment shrouds help obtain approvals, speed deployments, and protect equipment in a variety of environments.

Our in-house Engineering team develops innovative concealment solutions from concept rendering to the final productized offerings.  All designs are thoroughly vetted by conducting both structural and thermal analyses to confirm that it will survive seismic and wind loading as well as keep all internal equipment within the allowable operating temperature range.  Charles manufactures all shroud products in our vertically integrated manufacturing facilities. Processes utilized include large scale turrets and brake presses for metal forming, robotic welding, Telcordia GR-487certified powder coating, composite material fabrication, and thermoforming. With aesthetic designs for pole top, pole side and pole adjacent radio and equipment shrouds, Charles is uniquely positioned to be your single source supplier of concealment solutions.

Ordering Information

Pole Top Shroud - SHRD1

Pole Top Shroud - SHRD5

Pole Side Shroud - SHRD60

Pole Mount Shroud - SHRD52

Pole Side Shroud - CLOK

Pole/Ground Mount Shroud - CISH51

Ground Mount Shroud - SHRD56

Ground Mount Shroud - SHRDPW

Ground Mount Shroud - CNUB

Pad Mount Shroud - SHRD54

Indoor/Outdoor Security Shroud - IS48

Side Arm Mount (SAM)

Strand Mount Brackets - CRSM


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