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Tier Rated Underground Enclosures (TRUE)

Tier 15 and 22 Advanced Composite Material Tapered Rectangular Handhole Enclosures

Broadband Equity Access & Deployment Program (BEAD) and Build America, Buy America Act (BABAA) compliant*

Charles Industries has achieved a major breakthrough in material science as applied to grade level enclosures. Utilizing a process first proven and perfected in the manufacture of wind turbine blades, marine vessels and aircraft, Charles has developed an Advanced Composite Material (ACM) formulation that, when molded, provides superior performance and structural integrity. TRUE exceeds industry tier loading standards while weighing up to 50-75% less than equivalent useable volume polymer concrete alternatives.

Charles’ Tier Rated Underground Enclosures™ (TRUE) are made from Advanced Composite Material using a Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process. Combining the design flexibility of RTM and the strength of advanced composite materials, TRUE grade level enclosures provide Tier 15 and 22 performance with ease of handling and installation.

TRUE grade level enclosures have a tapered wall design that provides greater useable volume compared to competitive polymer concrete cover sizes. The grade level enclosure industry has long focused on product sizes based on cover or lid size. However, the majority of grade level enclosure usages are for bulk volume applications (i.e. cable storage, splicing, drop management, valve control and metering). TRUE grade level enclosures provide more useable volume than competitive models with the same cover size and depth.

The exterior surfaces of TRUE are finished with gelcoat, which cures to a durable, smooth finish resistant to ultraviolet degradation and hydrolysis. TRUE grade level enclosures are available in two standard colors, Graystone and Utility Green.

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Features and Benefits

Better useable volume than competition for a given industry standard cover size
Stackable enclosures lower transportation cost and reduce storage space required

Eliminates need for cranes and reduces costs of truck rolls and extra technicians required for placement

Heavy machinery not required to move units around at warehouse or job-site
Installation Mounting
Two technicians can easily lift a TRUE handhole into and out of a pickup flat bed or trailer, and place it in its hole at the work site without a crane.
Technician Friendly Features
Lighter weight provides ease of handling and placement, less risk of worker injury

Covers can be removed with little physical effort
Material Specification
Advanced Composite Material using a Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) provides superior performance and structural integrity
Structurally rugged, non-metallic advanced composite material construction produces enclosures that are durable, and resistant to chemicals,water and chipping.
Industry Certifications
TRUE 15 Series meets ANSI/SCTE-77 Tier 15 Rated Loadings specifications

TRUE 22 Series meets ANSI/SCTE-77 Tier 22 Rated Loadings specifications

Meets 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design

TRUE 15 Models

TRUE 17"x30" Cover Size Models

TRUE 24"x36" Cover Size Models

TRUE 30"x48" Cover Size Models

TRUE 30"x60" Cover Size Models

Product Details


Bolts and washers are stainless steel.

  • Hex-head
  • 7/8″ Penta-head



Integrated EMS Detection is available.

  • Telephone
  • Power



One standard nameplate is included with each assembly, installed in the factory or easily installed in the field. Custom nameplates are available, contact customer service for details.

  • CATV
  • (Blank – Filler)
  • (Empty



Select Charles Tier-Rated Underground Enclosures (TRUE) are available with a vault mount pedestal lid option for mounting Charles square base vault mount fiber pedestals. Vault mount pedestal lids are available for TRUE 24”x36”x24” and 30”x48”x36” sizes with a split lid design. On these models, a vault mount pedestal can be placed on the half of the split lid that features a cut-out and mounting brackets designed to accept Charles square base, vault mount pedestals. 6”, 8” and 10″ diameter pedestals may be placed on the TRUE 24”x36”x24” enclosure, while 8″, 10” and 12” diameter pedestals may be placed on the TRUE 30”x48”x36” enclosure.



Ordering Information

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