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Z14 High Heat Node Pedestal Housings

Z14 High Heat Node Pedestal Housings

Pedestal for Housing High Heat Nodes and Other Next Generation CATV/Broadband Network Equipment

Next generation CATV network upgrades, including Remote PHY (R-PHY), MAC-PHY, Node + 0, Node + N, etc., are placing increasing thermal and space demands on outside plant pedestal housings. New R-PHY optical nodes are being engineered to dissipate 160 Watts of power; significantly greater than prior generations of pedestal housings were designed to accommodate. Pedestals that cannot accommodate 160W can result in network outages or shorter equipment lifespans due to over-heated equipment.

The Charles Industries’ Z14 pedestal housing was engineered specifically to meet the demands of next generation CATV network architectures and equipment. It is built to withstand the harsh elements typically found in outside plant deployments. Leveraging our expertise in outside plant enclosure engineering, thermal analysis, design and testing, the Z14 is capable of supporting R-PHY compliant equipment across all regions in the USA.

Features and Benefits

Fiber node bracket stores 120 ft. of 0.7" outside diameter cable slack
Node plus Fiber Storage Bracket offers cost effective vault-less installation
Installation Mounting
Self-supporting base requires no additional mounting stake

Molded-in ground line for consistent installations
Technician Friendly Features
Two-piece base allows for easy retrofit installations

Self-latching dome locking system reduces unlocked pedestals and unwanted access
Material Specification
Molded of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with ultraviolet U/V inhibitors to provide impact resistance, color stability and long-life

Corrosion resistant aluminum or stainless steel brackets and hardware for long service life

Dome color is light green, base color is black
High-density engineered venting provides robust heat dissipation for high-output R-PHY nodes

Insect resistant openings prevent wasp & bee intrusion, protecting technicians accessing the enclosure

Product Details

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