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CFDP Fiber Interconnect Pedestals (Closed Architecture)

CFDP Fiber Interconnect Pedestals (Closed Architecture)

Closed Architecture Fiber Interconnect Pedestals – Inner Security Doors and Outer Dome Provide Two-Stage Protection

Charles Fiber Distribution Point (CFDP) Interconnect Pedestals provide pre-connectorized “interconnect panel” fiber drops to multiple broadband service customers at a fraction of the cost of Light Guide Cross-Connect (LGX) solutions. The CFDP Interconnect Pedestal is ideal for multi-tenant cell site, campus or strip mall environments where the customer requires high-capacity fiber bandwidth for wireless backhaul, private networks or data and video broadband services. With a built-in SC/APC or SC/UPC adapter bulkhead, Interconnect pedestals facilitate fast and easy provisioning of fiber services to the end customer’s fiber multiplexing equipment. Fiber drops can be turned up, moved or disconnected on an “as needed” basis, giving telecom service providers added flexibility in their efforts to provide broadband voice, data and video services to customers whose bandwidth requirements may change seasonally or due to major events.

CFDP Pedestals offer two-stage environmental protection of fiber distribution points. This two-stage protection is accomplished by housing a weather-tight interior enclosure within the confines of a non-metallic buried distribution pedestal. Together, this “enclosure within an enclosure” combination is designed to exceed Telcordia GR-771-CORE specifications and provide an unbeatable line of defense against the elements, including floods, fire, dirt, debris, insects, and corrosion.

Features and Benefits

Central Office side of fiber organizer includes bulkhead adapters, splice tray basket with two splice trays, cable management guides, distribution cable entry grommets, ground wire posts and strength member clamps

Optional SC/APC or SC/UPC 900-micron, color coded fiber cable is available for Central Office side bulkhead splicing

Drop side of fiber organizer features bulkhead adapters, cable management guides, drop cable entry grommets, ground wire posts and strength member clamps
Low total cost of ownership
Installation Mounting
Expanded-capacity base easily accommodates conduit bundles and increases stability in all soil types
Technician Friendly Features
Two-piece expanded-capacity “split” base makes it easy for technicians to place the pedestal over conduit-fed cable bundles, and are an ideal solution for rehabilitating metallic enclosures
Material Specification
Non-metallic PVC construction won’t rust, corrode, chip or fade
Interior weather-tight enclosure provides mechanical and environmental protection of splice and cable storage areas

Protects internal components from floods, fires, and wind-blown dust and debris

Lift-off outer dome with self-locking mechanism ensures secure attachment to the base and creates a patented “Bell-Jar Effect” that provides outstanding flood protection

Product Details

Product Specifications

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