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Indoor Security Shrouds

Indoor / Venue Concealment Shrouds

Concealment Shrouds for Wireless Radio Networks

IS-48 security shrouds provide an aesthetic and effective method of protecting in-building wireless, DAS, and small cell radio equipment in venue installations. There are models that can be used to cover existing equipment on a wall or backboard and enclosed models with integrated backboards for new installations. They feature a slanted top to prevent placing unwanted objects. The units come with a variety of knockouts and openings for easy cable ingress and egress. Integrated bonding and grounding is included. Optional AC load centers and integrated fiber terminals are available. Some models are configured with brackets to mount common remote radio heads.

• Stadiums and arenas
• Theatres
• Parking garages
• Airports
• Premises telecom rooms

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Indoor/Outdoor Security Shroud - IS48

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