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Charles Universal Broadband Enclosures (CUBE) are constructed to withstand the elements and provide superior protection for active electronics in all environments. Designed to house a variety of communications equipment, CUBE customers take advantage of our engineering and factory integration for complete turn-key solutions.

The CUBE product line incorporates design flexibility to quickly customize dimensions and functionality. When combined with our optimized manufacturing facilities, customers get a fast “right fit” solution for a variety of remote sites.

Cell towers, business parks, campuses, data centers, strip malls, sports stadiums, oil fields, wind farms, solar fields, lift stations, utility sub stations and traffic systems all rely on our expansive line of industry-leading CUBE outdoor enclosures.

Ensuring Network Reliability

As connectivity skyrockets, so does the cost of service interruptions. Let us help you find the right products to safeguard that significant network investment. Our experts can help you pinpoint the proper solution for your environment and customize per your specific requirements.

Talk to Charles about the demands and future direction of your network.

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