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Smart Coil DSL Line Conditioning Device

Smart Coil DSL Line Conditioning Device

Expand your high-speed DSL coverage by reaching customers at distances up to 24Kft. using legacy copper pairs

Smart Coil provides the line conditioning benefit of a common load coil for POTS traffic while allowing an ADSL signal to pass through. With Smart Coil, a loop that was providing either POTS or ADSL exclusively can instead handle both services on a single copper pair.

Voice quality commonly deteriorates on unloaded pairs at distances beyond 18Kft. Load coils have long been used to extend high quality voice service to customers beyond this distance. However, common load coils limit the high frequency spectrum used by ADSL, requiring an additional pair or refusal of ADSL service. Smart Coil removes the loop length limitations of POTS and allows ADSL to reach its full attainable distance.

A service provider’s legacy copper network is a major financial asset. Telephone companies place the value of a single copper pair from several hundred to over a thousand dollars. Used in conjunction with the latest digital technology, Smart Coil-equipped legacy copper pairs help not only retain but increase revenue from customers.

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Smart Coil DSL Line Conditioning Device

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