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Riser Pipes

Riser Pipes & Wire Guards

Charles Industries offers a complete line of aesthetic PVC riser pipes and wire guards to protect fiber, copper, coax, and hybrid service drops. The Riser Pipes and Wire Guards are constructed out of lightweight, UV stabilized PVC that will not rust, dent or corrode. A smooth inside surface finish prevents cable snags. They can be easily handled and cut on the job site, and offer inexpensive protection against wind, snagging, and vandalism.

Features and Benefits

7/8 inch and 1 ¼ inch diameter series

Notched and offset versions available
Low cost protection against wind, snagging and vandalism for all buried service wire installations.
Installation Mounting
Mounting clamps included
Technician Friendly Features
Split riser for pre-terminated cables
Material Specification
Aesthetic grey ligthtweight UV-stablized PVC
UV stablized PVC will not rust dent or corrode

Product Details

Ordering Information

7/8" Diameter Risers

1 1/4" Diameter Risers

Clamps, End Caps & Couplers

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