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Load Coils & Line Conditioning Devices

Load Coils & Line Conditioning Devices

For more than 50 years, Charles Industries (formerly Coil Sales) has pioneered load coil technology to develop the highest performing, most reliable coils available anywhere. Our very first product manufactured was the revolutionary single-entry load coil. Today, our coils serve in the vast majority of RBOC, CLEC and IOC networks, helping bring phone service to every corner of the globe.

Charles Load Coils are furnished with a high permeability, nickel core made to our precise specifications to guarantee lower DC resistance. Matched bifilar quadruple-insulated windings ensure nearly perfect DC and inductive balance. Mechanical connectors have replaced solder connections, acting as a heat sink and eliminating intermittency in transmission due to cold solder joints. Charles Load Coils provide a non-expanding encapsulant with the lowest viscosity available. This encapsulant ensures total penetration, provides a superior pressure dam, and absorbs thermal shock.

Product Details

Ordering Information

B152 Single Load Coils / Kwik Kases®

901 Encapsulated Load Coil Ready Access

601 Modular Encapsulated Single Load Coils assembled in Kwik Kases®

Universal (770) Load Coil Cases

Saturable Inductors

Load Coil Mounting Brackets

RFI Supression Networks

B152 Build-Out Capacitor Modules / Ready Access

Standard 601 Build-Out Capacitor Encapsulated Ready Access

901 Build-Out Capacitor Encapsulated Ready Access

Universal 605-Type Build-Out Capacitors Cases

Universal 605-Type Build-Out Lattice Network Cases

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