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Reliable and Cost-Effective EV Enclosure Solutions

Amphenol Charles specializes in providing innovative enclosures designed to streamline deployment, reduce installation time and costs, and include energy storage and communication features for greater energy efficiency and sustainability. Our solutions are ideal for anyone looking to accelerate the transition to electric transportation and a more sustainable future.

With our enclosures, you can deploy your charging infrastructure faster and more efficiently, thanks to our rapid installation solution that significantly reduces time, cost, and labor. Additionally, our enclosures can come equipped with advanced communication technologies, which enable better coordination between EVs and the grid, further improving charging efficiency. EV batteries can also store excess energy and feed it back into the grid, reducing the need for centralized energy storage facilities.

As the US federal government aim to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the transition to the increased use of electric vehicles will play a vital role in cutting emissions. In response to this urgent issue, Charles’ innovative Walk-In Cabinet (WIC), CUBE Modular cabinet series, CUBE PM Series, and CPAD enclosure solutions facilitate the transition to a more sustainable future.

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