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CFXC-WPS Pedestal

Fiber Cross-Connect WDM Patch & Splice Pedestals (CFXC-WPS)

Buried distribution pedestal provides fiber backhaul at multi-tenant locations

The CFXC WDM Patch and Splice (CFXC-WPS) pedestal is designed to extend high-capacity fiber backhaul services, at multi-tenant wireless provider cell sites, business parks or remote terminals when limited dark fibers are available. The CFXC-WPS offers a lower cost alternative to placing traditional cabinet-type solutions for back-haul WDM deployments in the outside plant. Unlike metallic cabinets, the CFXC-WPS pedestal is flood proof and can be installed in almost any location. Its compact size makes it easier to install and more economical to place, without the need for an expensive concrete pad.

The CFXC-WPS pedestal supports six feed fibers for connection to the WDM input connections and is orderable with up to 72 distribution (customer) fibers. The pedestal has factory installed and tested fiber fanouts, routed from the bulkhead adapters to the fiber splice basket, for quicker network turn-up. Engineered to support loop-thru or terminal cabling configurations and up to five splice trays.

Features and Benefits

Integrated four-slot LGX-compatible panel supports up to 4 single-wide or 2 double-width LGX style CWDM modules

6 fiber SC (UPC or APC) feed-fiber shuttered adapter

Up to 72 SC (UPC or APC) distribution fiber adapters

3-way bend controls for routing 1 meter jumpers to and from CWDM modules

Splice tray holder will hold up to five Charles 24-fiber splice trays

Six cable entry locations are provided with two (2) 1” seals and four (4) 5/8” seals
Lower cost alternative to expensive pads
Installation Mounting
Adaptors are attached to connectorized fanouts on the backside that are installed, tested and routed to the splice area in the factory

Cable attachments provide secure cable and strength member attachment

Vault mount base option available for handhole attachment allowing storage of fiber cable slack
Technician Friendly Features
Bottom plate opens for easy access to cables and is secured with a 216 tool

Rear door panel protects the back side of the cross-connect panel while providing access to the connectors if cleaning is required

Address sheet for record keeping

A colored fiber routing label provides easy “how to” reference to proper fiber jumper routing from the WDM to the cross-connect field
Material Specification
Non-metallic PVC construction won’t rust, corrode, chip or fade
Non-metallic dome provides superior flood-proof environmental protection

Interior dome for additional environmental protection

Product Details

Product Specifications

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