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Concealment Solution - Pole side Shrouds

Pole Side Concealment Shrouds

Mid Pole Concealment Shrouds for Wireless Radio Networks
Charles Industries’ pole side radio concealment shrouds offer aesthetically-pleasing concealment of radios and remote equipment at small cell, densification, and DAS remote sites. With municipalities increasingly passing ordinances for the concealment of remote equipment deployments, our attractive and functional concealment shrouds help obtain approvals, speed deployments, and protect equipment in a variety of environments,

SHRD60 Pole Side
Aesthetically pleasing, curved Small Cell pole mount shroud concealment solution. The curved shape matches the pole contour, eliminating right angles found in typical outside plant enclosures. Multiple sizes are available supporting low power (pico) and high power (micro) deployments, with multi-carrier options. Available in multiple colors to match existing poles. Mounts to any type of pole with optional pole mounting kits.

CLOK 5G Pole Side 
Discrete mid pole shroud made of durable, lightweight ABS for minimizing overall impact on pole loading. The shroud itself is adjustable to accommodate different diameter poles and includes cutout for 5G antenna face for optimum RF transmission. Optional 3M film is available to color match exposed antenna face to the pole’s prime color.

SAM 5G Radio Mounting Bracket
Single point bracket with two pivoting arms mounts three 5G radios for 360º signal coverage. Fixed universal pipe mount for 24” radio offset from mounting surface.


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Pole Side Shroud - SHRD60

Pole Side Shroud - SHRD52

Pole Side Shroud - CLOK

Pole Side Shroud - CISH51

Side Arm Mount (SAM)

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