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Concealment Shroud Brackets & Poles

Mounting Brackets and Decorative Poles for All-in-One Concealment Solutions

The outdoor, weather-resistant Side Arm Mount (SAM) mounts onto a pole and supports one radio inside the compartment and one antenna on top of the antenna shroud/mast (radio and antenna are customer supplied). SAM are mounted to the pole using an integrated pole mounting spine featuring both bolt mounting holes and strap mounting slots for ease of installation.

The CRSM bracket is designed for mounting on an aerial strand of 1/4” to 7/16” diameter. It is used for mounting radios, antennas and splitters securely in aerial wireless networks. Aluminum construction provides a light weight unit that eases installation and ensures a long lasting, rust-free product lifecycle.

Integrated and Decorative Poles

Integrated and standalone pole Solutions can be combined with other Charles Pole Top and Pole Side Shrouds for a turnkey solution. 

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Side Arm Mount (SAM)

Strand Mount Brackets - CRSM


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