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Fiber Sealed Drop Closures (FSDC)

Fiber Sealed Drop Closures (FSDC)

Versatile and easy-to-use fiber access closures for FTTH networks

Charles Fiber Optic Sealed Drop Closures (FSDC) provide a versatile, functional and cost-effective solution for FTTH network connections to the subscriber. FSDC series closures are fully-sealed units which can be strand, pole or pedestal mounted; or placed in below ground vaults and enclosures to meet any installation topology. In addition to an express main feed cable, the closure can accommodate up to two branch cables. The closures have built-in adapters to support up to 16 drop cables. FSDC closures feature a compact size for easy handling, yet provide ample room for express fiber storage.

A hardened drop version (FSDC-H) is available with an eight Amphenol H connector interface (Corning® OptiTap® compatible). This hardened drop interface provides a quick, robust plug-and-play fiber drop solution.

Features and Benefits

Up to 48 single splices provides adequate splice capacity in a compact size

Supports two branch cables in addition to feed cable

Spacious loose tube fiber storage in a compact size can express 144 fiber cable

Splitters and optical taps available to support a variety of fiber access architectures

Hardened drop version (FSDC-H) available with 8 Amphenol H connector ports (Corning® OptiTap® compatible)
Mechanical compression technology provides cost-effective reliable cable sealing
Installation Mounting
Hinged snap cover allows easy access for installation, maintenance, and upgrades
Technician Friendly Features
Internal adapters to plug in up to 16 drops for quick subscriber adds
Material Specification
Robust UV stabilized glass-filled polypropylene housing
Sealed IP68 rated for use in aerial, pole, pedestal, or below grade applications

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