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Z08 Series Active Device Low Profile Pedestals

The next generation of DOCSIS amplifier and other active devices are placing increasing thermal and space demands on the outside plant. Amphenol Charles Industries (ACI) has engineered a next generation amplifier pedestal that has been thermally optimized and can passively dissipate over 100W in a small 30” x 20” footprint. With constraints from municipalities and homeowners on the size and obtrusiveness of installed pedestals, the new Z08 can help providers expediate new deployments.

The Z08 series provides excellent thermal performance in the smallest footprint possible to house next generation amplifiers and other powered devices. With a smaller footprint, the units also provide lower installation costs.

Z08 is available in light green or dark green domes with a black base. The units feature a self-latching 7/16” hex head bolt. They come with a low profile upright and hanger bracket for easy attachment of active devices along with passive devices.

Features and Benefits

High-density engineered venting provides optimized heat dissipation for next generation amplifiers and devices
Low total cost of ownership
Installation Mounting
Self-supporting base requires no additional mounting stake

Molded-in ground line for consistent installations
Technician Friendly Features
Self-latching dome locking system reduces unlocked pedestals and unwanted access
Material Specification
Corrosion resistant stainless-steel brackets and hardware for long service life

Dome color is light green, base color is black
Insect resistant openings prevent wasp & bee intrusion, protecting technicians accessing the enclosure

Documents and Download

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