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BDO Fiber Interconnect Pedestals for Hardened Drops

BDO Fiber Interconnect Pedestals for Hardened Drops

Buried Distribution Pedestals Designed for use with Hardened Connector Fiber Drop Cables

Charles BDO Interconnect Distribution Pedestals for Hardened Fiber Drop Cables (BDO-IXC HD) provide a drop-side “interconnect panel” for supporting drop cables using the Corning brand OptiTap® hardened fiber drop connector. The BDO-IXC HD Pedestal is ideal for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network deployments as well as multi-tenant cell site, campus or strip mall environments where the customer requires high-capacity fiber bandwidth for data and video broadband services, wireless backhaul, private networks or data and video broadband services. With a built-in OptiTap-SC® adapter bulkhead, the BDO-IXC HD pedestals facilitate fast and easy provisioning of fiber services to the end customer’s equipment. Fiber drops can be turned up, moved or disconnected on an “as needed” basis; giving service providers added flexibility in their efforts to provide broadband voice, data and video services to customers whose bandwidth requirements may change seasonally or for test access purposes.

Features and Benefits

Fiber organizer backboards accommodate all commonly used fiber splice trays with a 4”x9” footprint

10” diameter pedestal also accepts 4”x12” or 6”x15” trays
Easily add new bulkhead adapters for new subscriber adds
Installation Mounting
Multi-position bond bar with #6 ground lug meets requirements for bonding and grounding of service wires and cable sheaths

Dome attaches securely to the base using a self-locking 216-hex head bolt lock

Vault mount base available
Technician Friendly Features
Two-piece expanded-capacity “split” base makes it easy for technicians to place the pedestal over conduit-fed cable bundles, and are an ideal solution for rehabilitating metallic enclosures

Lift-off dome provides 360º access to internal splicing area
Material Specification
Non-metallic PVC construction won’t rust, corrode, chip or fade
Protects internal components from floods, fires, and wind-blown dust and debris

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