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Wire Terminal Housings

Wire Terminal Housings

Durable Housings for Copper Pair Termination Points

Charles OSP Wire Terminal Housings offer a simple, compact solution for termination points at single and multi-unit dwellings. Thermoplastic construction and rubber grommets for drop wire cable entry create a housing capable of protecting terminations from the elements, insects and impact. A sturdy, self-hinged lid provides convenient entry to internal terminal and grounding posts. Housings may be wall or pole-mounted using wood screws. Wire Terminal Housings may also be used for inside applications as a protector base or merely as a wire terminal block.

Features and Benefits

Available in 1, 2 and 6-pair wire terminals

High center ground boss provides easy entrance of ground wire;

Ideally suited for use with Charles Industries’ 12-119 Series building risers
Durable design for long life
Installation Mounting
Terminals mount easily on poles, residence walls using two #10 wood screws
Technician Friendly Features
Hinged lid for convenience and retention

Lid has detent to hold it in a hands-free open position

Beveled washers allow trouble-free wire terminations

Embossed “TELEPHONE” identification mark on outside of lid
Material Specification
Self-extinguishing thermoplastic material, rated UL94V-0
Overlap design of the lid and rubber grommet in the base ensures excellent weather protection

Plated terminals provide corrosion-resistant ground wire termination

Product Details

Product Specifications

1-Pair and 2-Pair Terminals

6-Pair Terminals

Ordering Information

Terminal Housings


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