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CWDM.DWDM Solutions

CWDM/DWDM Solutions

Multiplexes multiple optical carrier signals into a single optical fiber by using different wavelengths of light to carry each individual signal.

Wavelength Division Multiplexing products are ideal for areas with limited deployment of fiber cable. Charles CWDM products are available in 2, 4, 8 and16 channel configurations with Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing available in 50 GHz, 100 GHz or 200 GHz channel spacing.

Both technologies are available in multiple packages such as LGX modules, a rack mount configuration or mounted on a specified splice tray to be used in the field.

Many of the WDM modules can be used to upgrade deployed Charles fiber products, or the WDM may be customized to specific applications.

For more information on Charles’ complete line of CWDM products, please CONTACT CHARLES.

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Please CONTACT CHARLES  and request to speak with a fiber optic products support specialist for assistance with product and ordering information.

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