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Charles Industries Introduces Four New Buried Distribution Pedestal Designs for Specialty FTTx Applications

March 29, 2019

SCHAUMBURG, IL (MARCH 29, 2019) – When it comes to designing and building fiber optic distribution networks, the methods of deployment vary greatly from project to project. Service providers have many options at their disposal, with choices between fiber types, splicing methods, or the use of pre-connectorized solutions. Charles Industries, a leading provider of fiber pedestals since 2001, continues to expand its distribution pedestal offerings in order to meet its customers’ methods and procedures of fiber-to-the-premises, fiber-to-the-cell site, fiber-to-the small cell, 5G fiber deployments and other FTTx applications. In the first quarter of 2019, Charles has introduced four new lines of specialty FTTx pedestals to address specific network architectures many providers have adopted.

Fiber Interconnect Pedestals for Hardened Drops

Charles BDO Interconnect Distribution Pedestals for Hardened Fiber Drop Cables (BDO-IXC HD) provide a drop-side “interconnect panel” for supporting drop cables using the Corning brand OptiTap® hardened fiber drop connector. With a built-in OptiTap-SC® adapter bulkhead, the BDO-IXC HD pedestals facilitate fast and easy provisioning of fiber services to the end customer’s equipment. Fiber drops can be turned up, moved or disconnected on an “as needed” basis; giving service providers added flexibility in their efforts to provide broadband voice, data and video services to customers whose bandwidth requirements may change seasonally or for test access purposes.

Fiber Interconnect Pedestals for SC Connectorized Drops

Charles BDO-EG-SC Interconnect Low-Profile (BDO-EG-SC) Pedestals provide a drop-side “interconnect panel” for connectorized SC-style fiber drops to multiple broadband service customers. A built-in SC/APC or SC/UPC adapter bulkhead provides flexibility in the type of pre-connectorized drops that may be utilized.

Fiber Distribution Pedestals for Fiber Access Terminals

In both greenfield and brownfield fiber deployments, BDO Fiber Access Terminal pedestals provide easy access to internal components while providing a robust OSP enclosure. Mounting brackets included in the BDO Series for Fiber Access Terminals are specifically designed for simple installation of either the Charles CFIT-SL Fiber Enclosure or the CommScope FIBERBox® enclosure. By placing these terminals inside a BDO Fiber Access Terminal pedestal, a weather-resistant fiber drop and testing point is created with secure, 360º access for technicians.

Fiber Distribution Pedestals for Copper & Fiber Terminal Blocks with Copper Splice Storage

Charles BDO brownfield Fiber Distribution Pedestals for terminal blocks and copper splice storage (BDO CTFT) provide a comprehensive solution for overlaying a hardened fiber plant without increasing the number of installed pedestals. BDO CTFT incorporate a unique 3-sided backboard design; with sides 1 and 2 providing space for attaching the existing copper terminal block and storing the associated copper splices, and side 3 providing a mounting position for the overlay fiber terminal block. This design is ideal for situations where copper plant already exists, but customers now require high-capacity fiber bandwidth for data and video broadband services, wireless backhaul, or private networks.

More information about Charles’ full line of fiber buried distribution pedestals, including the four new series described here, is available on the Charles Industries website at

About Charles Industries, Ltd.

2019 marks Charles Industries’ 51st year as a privately held, diversified manufacturing and technology company serving telecommunications, wireless, broadband cable, utility/energy and industrial markets. Founded in 1968, the company is ISO 9001:2015 and TL 9000-H registered and headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, with five additional U.S.-based manufacturing centers. For further information, please visit or call (847) 806-6300.

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BDO Specialty FTTX Pedestals

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