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Expanded-capacity, environmentally protected OSP closures designed to house copper, fiber and broadband cable equipment

Charles Multi-Purpose Housings (CMPH) are versatile OSP closures designed for both new provisioning installations as well as rehabilitation of existing access points housed in metallic enclosures. The CMPHs superior structural strength, outstanding environmental protection and ease of installation combine to create a long-life housing that reduces operational expenses.

A two-piece assembly features a lift-off dome and corrugated channel base. The lift-off dome allows 360 access to internal working areas and includes self-latching locks with secondary bolt locks on both left and right side panels. The dome provides bell jar flood protection, eliminates intrusion of wind-blown rain and dust, and prevents unauthorized entry. The base provides ample room for entry of multiple large cables, including conduit. A spacious bottom entry allows technicians to easily slide the base over existing large cable rehabilitation applications.

CMPH 4500, 5500, 7500 and 8500 Series closures are each available with a choice of copper or fiber optic configurations. Ground and bonding hardware is included. CMPH 9500 Series closures do not include any internal hardware and are designed for housing larger electronics, sealed fiber enclosures and cable slack storage.

CMPH Datasheet (,pdf)
CMPH 7500 Series Datasheet (.pdf)
CMPH 7500 Series Copper/Fiber Co-Location Housing Ordering Guide (.pdf)
CMPH 8500 Series Datasheet (.pdf)

CMPH Multi-Purpose Housings are ideal for both copper and 
fiber applications, and cable slack storage


  • Structurally rugged, non-metallic outer housing construction offers dent resistance, corrosion protection, electric shock safety and positive alignment in opening and closing
  • A corrugated channel base design provides secure footing in all in-plant installations, allows installation with or without the use of mounting stakes, and prevents frost heave
  • In rehabilitation installations, existing stakes can be utilized for placement, eliminating the potentially hazardous operation of re-driving stakes into unknown buried copper and fiber feeds
  • The one-piece dome locks securely onto the base with side self-latches 
    and bolt locks, creating a "bell-jar" effect that protects internal 
    components in flood-prone areas
  • The lift-off dome provides full 360 access to internal splicing area




4500 Series: 43.5H x 19W x 16.5D     7,400 cu. in. splice volume
5500 Series: 30H x 35W x 18D 10,500 cu. in. splice volume
7500 Series: 48H x 27W x 14.5D 13,000 cu. in. splice volume
8500 Series: 55"H x 41"W x 28.5"D 27,000 cu. in. splice volume
9500 Series: 42H x 40W x 28D 30,500 cu. in. splice volume

Ordering Information

4500 Series Copper Configuration Fiber Configuration
CMPH-4500 without mounting stakes  CMPH-4500N CMPH-450FN
CMPH-4500 with two 30" universal mounting stakes CMPH-4510N CMPH-451FN
CMPH-4500 with two 36" universal mounting stakes CMPH-4520N CMPH-452FN
CMPH-4500 with two 42" universal mounting stakes CMPH-4530N CMPH-453FN
5500 Series Copper Configuration Fiber Configuration
CMPH-5500 without mounting stakes  CMPH-5500N CMPH-550FN
CMPH-5500 with two 30" universal mounting stakes CMPH-5510N CMPH-551FN
CMPH-5500 with two 36" universal mounting stakes CMPH-5520N CMPH-552FN
CMPH-5500 with two 42" universal mounting stakes CMPH-5530N CMPH-553FN
7500 Series Copper Configuration Fiber Configuration
CMPH-7500 without mounting stakes  CMPH-7500N CMPH-750FN
CMPH-7500 with two 30" universal mounting stakes CMPH-7510N CMPH-751FN
CMPH-7500 with two 36" universal mounting stakes CMPH-7520N CMPH-752FN
CMPH-7500 with two 42" universal mounting stakes CMPH-7530N CMPH-753FN
8500 Series Copper Configuration Fiber Configuration
CMPH-8500 without mounting stakes  CMPH-8500N CMPH-850FN
CMPH-8500 with two 30" universal mounting stakes CMPH-8510N CMPH-851FN
CMPH-8500 with two 36" universal mounting stakes CMPH-8520N CMPH-852FN
CMPH-8500 with two 42" universal mounting stakes CMPH-8530N CMPH-853FN
9500 Series No Internal Hardware
CMPH-9500 without mounting stakes  CMPH-9500N
CMPH-9500 with two 30" universal mounting stakes CMPH-9510N
CMPH-9500 with two 36" universal mounting stakes CMPH-9520N
CMPH-9500 with two 42" universal mounting stakes CMPH-9530N
6-Point Bond Bar (package of 10) CMPH-BOND10 
Mounting bracket kit for 12-pair or 25-pair terminal block CKPL-99
30" Universal Mounting Stake UMS30-STD (min. 10 pcs.)
36" Universal Mounting Stake UMS36-STD (min. 10 pcs.)
42" Universal Mounting Stake UMS42-STD (min. 10 pcs.)

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