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When the T1 Must Get Through... Take the SUREPATH!

The T1 APS101 provides cost-effective self-healing networking in the event of out of frame, excessive bit error rate or loss of signal for any reason, including cable cuts, equipment failures or signal degradation.
  • Single module for two T1s in, one T1 out
  • Line status monitoring
  • Individual build-out controls for T1 network lines
  • Temperature hardened
  • Mounting versatility, offering easy integration
  • Local and remote switching and manual override
  • Switchable bit error rate thresholds
  • AMI or B8ZS line coding
  • Automatic detection of SF/ESF framing
  • Automatic detection of AMI or B8ZS line coding
  • Network side repeaterless up to 6000 feet
  • Metallic bypass
  • Individual switch selectable transceiver sensitivity
  • T1 equalization of equipment line 0-655 feet and CSU levels (0, -7.5, -15 and -22 dB)
  • 5-year limited warranty

Module for SurePath Automatic Protection Switch (APS)

The Right Choice for T1 Network Protection

With just one card per end, the SUREPATH T1 APS continuously analyzes the incoming signal from two redundant Tl lines. Dependent on user selected criteria, the SUREPATH T1 APS provides the best incoming T1 line to the equipment.

In the event one of the incoming network lines exhibits out-of-frame, bit error rate beyond a pre-selected threshold, or loss of signal for any reason, the SUREPATH T1 APS automatically switches to the clearest line. The SUREPATH T1 APS ensures a viable Tl signal is passed when one incoming line is cut, suffers signal degradation or equipment failure.

SUREPATH T1 APS is also your cost effective choice - our one card-per-end system costs less than the two-per-end the competition supplies. The SUREPATH T1 APS also offers the industry's highest shelf density and doesn't require a dedicated shelf. The SUREPATH's distance capability is 3x better than the competition on the equipment and span sides.

360-22 MultiplexerCharles 360-22 Multiplexer
With the addition of the easily installed APS kit, the 360-22 now offers total redundancy with dual common cards, dual power supplies and dual protected T1 facilities. 48 or 24 VDC operation.


Dimensions: 4.75"L X .69"W X 10"H
Weight: 7 oz.

Tl Network Transmit Signal: 6 volt peak to peak from 0-6000' of cable
Tl Equipment Transmit Signal: 6 volt peak to peak form 0-655' of cable
T1 Receive Sensitivity: 30/36 db of sensitivity
Switching: Within 10 milliseconds after LOS or OOF condition for 2 second period. BER switching threshold 10-3 - 10-9
Current Draw: 65 milliamps @ 49VDC
Operating Voltage: -42 to 56 VDC

Operating temperature: -45 to 80
Operating humidity: 95% (noncondensing)

EMI Requirements: Meets UL1950 and FCC Part 15. Meets FCC Part 15 Class A and Bellcore GR-1089-CORE EMI requirements
Tl Signal Requirements: Meets Bellcore 62411, ANSI 403
Interface Requirements: Meets Bellcore 1089, UL1950 and FCC Part 68

Switch to Savings...Installing Charles SUREPATH T1 APS is your most cost effective strategy for automatically ensuring T1 network-to-equipment signal reliability.


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