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9000 Series Marine Ferroresonant Battery Chargers

9000 Series Marine Ferroresonant Battery Chargers

9000 Series Marine Ferroresonant Battery Chargers are the intelligent choice for durability and safety in Marine UL listed products. A paragon of simplicity, the 9000 Series using a self-regulating ferroresonant transformer devoid of any complicated switching circuits to charge up to three battery banks simultaneously.  Built with rugged stainless steel enclosures and UL recognized, high-quality components to withstand the harsh marine environment.  Accurately charge lead-acid batteries only.  Features an easy-to-read ammeter to indicate rate of charge and ignition-protected components for safety.  12, 24 or 32VDC.  Dripshield included.  5-year warranty.  Made in the USA.  

Marine UL listing ensures durability and safety

  • Only complete line of battery chargers approved by Marine UL's stringent specifications, testing and evaluation.
  • Tested for durability against static, impact, vibration and shock

Self-regulating ferroresonant charger provides maximum reliability, long life and safety

  • Restores up to 3 individual battery banks simultaneously; custom models up to 4 banks available upon request.
  • Nothing to adjust or set - battery banks automatically receive only as much charge as they individually require
  • Prevents overcharging and damage, extending the life of the battery
  • Ignition protected (USCG-33 CFR 183.410)
  • Easy-to-read DC ammeter indicates the charge rate

Durable, corrosion-resistant housing and components
  • Constructed of rugged, stainless steel housing that stands up to the elements - including extreme heat, humidity and salt air

Easy to install and service
  • Keyhole slots for easy mounting
  • Easy access to terminal connections
  • 5 Year warranty, made in the USA


Battery Type: Lead Acid
Battery Banks: 15 AMP = 2,  All Others = 3
Charge Voltage: Single Stage 13.8V finish on 12 VDC, 27.6V finish on 24VDC
DC Output Voltage: 12V, 24V or 32V
AC Input Voltage: 95-140VAC
Frequency: 60Hz
Temperature Range: -25C to 55C
Safety Features: Thermal, over current, reverse polarity and ignition protected
Housing: Stainless Steel

Ordering Information
12 Volt Models
CI1215A 15 Amps 6.25"x7.5"x9.5"
CI1220A 20 Amps 6.25"x7.5"x9.5"
CI1230A 30 Amps 8.75"x9"x11.5"
CI1240A 40 Amps 8.75"x9"x11.5"
24 Volt Models
CI2420A 20 Amps 8.75"x9"x11.5"
CI2430A 30 Amps 8.75"x9"x11.5"
CI2440A 40 Amps 10.25"x11.5"x13"
32 Volt Models
CI3230A 30 Amps 10.25"x11.5"x13"
CI3240A 40 Amps 10.25"x11.5"x13"

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