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brochure_pix For more than 30 years, Charles has designed and manufactured transformers for data processing, telecommunications, process control equipment and specialty applications. In addition to our standard transformer designs, Charles Engineering Department utilizes the latest state-of-the-art computer technology to produce fast, accurate and detailed custom designs for your special applications.

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Toroidal Transformers + Inductors

Sizes: .25" thru 2.5" outside diameter

Power Transformers:
  120VAC thru 600 VAC, 50HZ thru 400HZ; 
Current Transformers:
  Primary up to 1,000 RMS AMPS 1 % tolerance, 
50 HZ thru 50KHZ; 
  1 mH thru 100 Hys up to 50 RMS AMP 50HZ thru 50KHZ; 
Audio Transformers:
  Broadcast Quality up to 300 Watts RMS; 
Switching Transformers:
  Up to 1500 watts RMS, 20KHZ thru 300KHZ.

Printed Circuit Mounting

Sizes: .25" thru 2.5" Cubes with Primary 120VAC thru 480VAC, 50HZ thru 40OHZ using E + UI Cores for Power, Inductor, Audio, and Switching Applications (Design and Prototype only).

Surface Mounting Transformers

Offering Custom Designs in sizes from .1" thru 1" cube.  Up to 500KHZ used in Audio, Telecom, Switching, and Inductor Applications (Design and Prototype only).

Current Transformers

Power Ratings: 1VA thru 100VA Burdan 1,000RMS AMPS Primary 1% accuracy. 50HZ thru 50KHZ, E core configuration for power line and High Frequency Applications.

Steel Core Inductors

Inductance Range from 1 Micro Henry thru 1 Henry Current, .010 AMPS thru 1,000 AMP, size 1" Cube thru 14" Cube For Power, Inductor, Audio and Switching Applications.

Ferroresonant Transformers

Power Ratings: 10VA thru 15KVA, Sine Wave or Square Wave with 120VAC thru 600VAC Primaries @ 50HZ, 60HZ and 400HZ. Used in Battery Chargers, High Voltage Strobe Lights, Medical Equipment, and UPS Systems.

Power Transformers

Power Ratings: 1VA thru 25KVA with 120VAC thru 600VAC primaries @ 50HZ, 60HZ and 400HZ using a UL recognized insulation system. These Transformers are used in Medical Instruments, Motor Drives, and Welding Equipment.

Three Phase Transformers

Power Ratings: 1VA thru 30KVA with 120VAC thru 600VAC primaries @ 50HZ, 60HZ, and 400HZ. Used in Medical Instruments, Motor Drives, Power Supply and High Current Welding.

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